painterX3 test

i love raricow

i want to drinking her milk lol

I wanted to say your latest Rarity pic and your AJ pic are both spectular and I hope you do more. keep up the good work. 

thank you !!

Wake up AJ

That last Rarity picture is super amazing. Are you going to sell it as a print or are you able to provide a high-res pic of it? 

nope .at the moment,i have no plan.

but if many someone want to buy my work ,i think about that.

thank you.

Wow, holy fucking shit. Your last piece of artwork was so amazing!!! 

no, that owe it all to rarity.thank you so much

That Rarity picture is beautiful. You are a great artist. 

thank you so much!!




Rarity makes cloth for you?

Applerare,you’re unicorn! can you use some magic?

Rare: of course!

Rare:rarity make cloth for me!

Rare:but/ Applebloom: watch out~

Rare: Give me a brake…you know ? my cloth is dirty ,be kill me by rarity??

Applebloom: I will never give someone my sister. absolutely.


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